Reviews for "CLAB - Jar vs Breaker"

Best battle ever...Compliment battles on a new level....Hard to decide, but I'd say Breaker because he was so sincere in that second verse...and I hear his muffins are good

Vote doesn't count but MY GOD this is brilliant. Jar's first verse was crazy. Breaker's second verse was crazy. Fucking wow this is brilliant. I'd probably go for Breaker just because his delivery was so diverse. Jar's punchline style's freaking brilliant.

Sonics vote doesn't count cos active MC's who are still in the tourney don't get a vote

Great battle, great beat, great friendships all round

wait what? XD haha, oh man this is too difficult, is a draw, but if SonicWombat is going for Jar, then i will balance this going for Breaker, but is a draw.

This is awesome. Both of you took the compliment battle to a new level, and the fact that this is a tournament track makes it even cooler. I've never seen that done before.

Great work fellas; this really is one of those battles where everyone's a winner. But if I see you on the battlefield then you suck and I had sex with your mom, and you're also gay.