Reviews for "CLAB - Jar vs Breaker"

teach me how to rap about muffins like that
that was beautiful

i think breaker wins but damn

Jar because Breaker has 3 votes and I want this to end up in a tie. Fucking trolls.

This sucks because this one of the best battles (definitely the most original) to come out of the this comp, and now I have to choose a winner.

I'm going to go with Breaker, but Jar was still brilliant and if he loses I'll be sad to see him gone.

Awesome battle, both of you guys did a good job on this track. Whoever advances here will be facing me in the quarter finals and I am looking forward to it.

damn this was straight up the best battle ive heard out of clab trap so far its hard to vote for either considering how rad both are but id say Breaker for his change of flow both had amazing lyrics and rhyme schemes its sad to see either mc lose this battle cuz trully it is a masterpiece indeed