Reviews for "CLAB - Jar vs Breaker"

Jar's got my vote, sounded clearer, flow is great

Gotta give this a tie. Each MC's verses are too dope to decide a winner.. :D Dope beat too.

This whole battle was fantastic!

Gotta give it up to Jar - his flow and delivery were consistently a notch above Breaker's, and incredibly consistent. I really liked Breaker's delivery switchup at the beginning of his second verse, but Jar's muffin spiel was just some next level shit.


This is probably the best compliment battle on the site.... Jar had a strong first verse but a weak second verse, and Breaker had a weak first verse but a strong second verse. I'd have to say both mcs' compliments were equal. My vote goes to Jar because of his better flow and mic presence.

I loved this - Shit is a tie.