Reviews for "English Pub Pool"

Right on.

This is actually a lot of fun. I'm gonna stick with this one for a while. It's a different take on billiard games, and the change is especially refreshing. Medals too nonetheless. 5 and 10.

NipponMonkey responds:

Thanks @DJStroodle!

I'm glad the Medals have been approved too. It took a day or two - too bad they weren't there on release.

A great change-up from the usual content on here.

By choice, I don't fancy myself an online pool player, or a card player; the real life excitement just can't compare to something creatd on a computer. However, I was impressed at how well this model of pool was done. After playing a quick match against a computer, I was able to appreciate the complex game mechanics behind this. The shooting mechanisms were superbs, and spot on, with added effects like spin, allowing the experienced player to add his expertise to the game.

Excellent soundtrack (who knew it could be so catchy?) as well as overhead view, smooth graphics, and amazing gameplay options to keep the player entertained for days upon end. And medals. Sweet, sweet medals.

listen up

this is one of the greatest games made that 2d motion and the accuracy also the way it moves its beyond a simple game thanks to the ones who made it im out

this is annoying

"the landlady" AI seems to be cheating and annoying
it hits every piece of crap and its pissing me off
get that AI off this game

awesome Game

this game is awesome. the Controls are easy. the Medals are awesome. Keep up the awesome work.