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Reviews for "The king of pointlessness"


jeez guy.. that was dumbtastic

straberrykiler6789 responds:

This review is amusing but useless

Don't give up...

it reminds me my first animation, listen: to improve your work, start drawing to improve your caracter, and watch a lot of animations to understand the main process of story telling and building the ambiance of your animations, and espicialy don't give up and keep up the hard work and you'll see: your animations will improve!!! (sorry for my english, if there are some mistakes, cause it's not my main language) I hope we'll see you with better works in the future!!!

straberrykiler6789 responds:

Your review is fair

i would probably make a serious animation some day but i don't really get enough time

and by the way i see you have a newly created account
I hope you enjoy your time on new grounds

Thumbs down

WOW what a waste of time for me. the animation was horrible and the voice acting is choppy. The ending is too long, you should be able to tell the story without words

straberrykiler6789 responds:

No voice acting I used Text To Speech

you should be able to tell the story without words
this type of humor would not work if i did that

The ending is too long
the ending is the last scene
all the ending was was simply a clip from family guy