Reviews for "Big Pixel Zombies"

epic game and epic music, it makes me so heroic, true zombie survivor against a lot of zombies, but how that will be if there are more enemies as mutant creatures from some survival horror games like resident evil or left 4 dead, and more weapons or playable vehicles, and a big map, it will be so awesome, many thanks for the game

no like

For some reason i can not play it
-when i go to the control mode selection and chose the any mode, id does nothing
and im stuck on the control selection.

Old, but exactly how I remember it. The only problem is that it gets a little repetitive over time. Oh, and, I found a glitch; I walk out of the Gun Shop, and pick up a chainsaw. It seemed to last forever. I don't know how I triggered the glitch either, which is just... weird.

Still giving it 5 stars, though. (Even though it's a bit repetitive.) I hope that the chainsaw bug gets squashed, somehow... someday.

WOoo! Way to go! This game is awesome. Note- destroying cars gives you cool perks. The Dog is awesome Reached wave 18.