Reviews for "Big Pixel Zombies"

Terribly Easy, Not much too it

Just to prove how easy (exploitable) this game is, ive gotten a score of 500,000.

The graphics are nice, but the difficulty curve is too low. Without a big map, and confined to a small area, gameplay becomes repetitive.
Music is nice, fits the gamestyle well, but after a while gets to be a headache.

Also has some optimization issues.

While I may sound very negativ, this game is not all bad, a very good timewaster.

Awesome game!

I really like it! plz add some ng medals! =D

After a while, it feels like a grind.

I really like the style, but it gets old after five levels. There's not much variety in the gameplay.

Well this is meh =/

It's a really disappointing, easy, and upgradeable version of the Boxhead series. Besides the camera angles I really thing this was pretty weak. 2 stars for a better graphic Boxhead.

wow its pretty good

231900 is my best score, basicallly just spam s'ploding meat and shoot up the cars for chainsaws speed ups and health and you won't die for a while.