Reviews for "Big Pixel Zombies"


Nice game, 10/10 Keep it up :)


Not only is the game 3d, which is rare even now for flash games, but it's easily one of the most fun and balanced games I've played. That is of course, until you get the highest priced items in the game... Once you get the full armor, the minigun dog, and the minigun itself, the game becomes way too easy. I guess it should for how many kills it takes to get the stuff, but wow.


good job

Thank God for Continues

It was pretty good, but frustrating because its so easy to get completely surrounded and get die.

pretty amusing

was very fun up until a point,once u get the chaingun and super dog its like well now what do we do,kill endlessly? also should be able to buy health stuff for when u cant get to the car. money would be helpful too,as getting kills is good payment but when ur stuck using meat and you dont wanna die,how will you get the unlockables?