Reviews for "Big Pixel Zombies"

Absolutely Awesome

10 (and that's only cause it's as high as you can rate)
Extremely addictive, played for bout 2 hours strait.
Quite repetitive, got bored after about 20 levels. Different locations would be nice. Also some sort of story line.



Incredibly addicting

I found myself playing this game for about 3 hours straight. Then I had to pull myself away from the screen to brush my teeth. After that, I got straight back to the action. That's how hooked I was to the game.

I enjoyed being able to resume from the wave I was killed on while also being able to keep my kills intact. It sucked the difficulty out of the game, but it made the game more relaxing to play. I treated it as more of a stress reliever than a hardcore competitive score game.

The models really reminded me of Boxhead. I liked the design concept, including the cars and the whole arena itself. It made the game a bit positively humorous.

After a while the game gets rather repetitive. Having a boss zombie appear would make the game more appealing. Having a few different arenas would be nice too. Besides that, the game is pretty goddamn fun.

This is just a child speaking from my soul, but I thought it would be totally awesome to be able to control an entire army of dogs carrying miniguns. Just an idea, hint hint.

very nice :)

If you know a few tricks this game is very easy.

I found out that a dog is very good zombie stopper...very handy when your cornerd.

an other nice litte trick i found was something i like to cal "protect the steak"
... get a dog..get a shotgun (2 preferebly).. buy a steak and drop one. then crossfire over the steak with the dog.. before te steak is eaten your bound to have at least +300 kills

it gets boring after level 20 (I had everything by then)... I was expecting boss-like creatures after each 10 levels or so.. to bad.

still a nice game though.

Nice and addictive

the only letdown is the minigun and lack of enemy variation, but if it those were to be fixed, it should get 11/10