Reviews for "Big Pixel Zombies"


this game was a fun way to waste time i wish there were more games like this one


I'm sorry, but this was just horrible. An absolute disgrace to Flash Gaming all over the internet. How could you?


Simply put, this kept me entertained for a long time. Personally I liked the fact that the zombies didn't go around the cars, it let's you create bottlenecks and gives some strategy to the game. What I didn't like was that I lagged on the higher levels, but my computers pretty old so I can't take points off for that. I was kinda annoyed that when you blow up a car to get a power up, the zombies are already right on top of it so unless you have a steak or something you can't reach it. and to get a steak from the butchers (or anything from any shop) would get you killed pretty much everytime if you had zombies chasing you when you went in. Overall, great game.

Great 3D zombie blaster!

A really addictive game that looks surprisingly good in 3D.

Plus, the pictures on boards around the monument/statue and the newspapers scattered everywhere reminded me of 28 Days Later (a great British horror film; watch it).

This Game Is good

This Game Is good and funny, seems like cuboys world gets attacked by zombies.
This Game Sould have:
-More Maps
-More Thing To Buy
-And The Cars Should Have less Hits Until They Explodes