Reviews for "We Need YOU!!!"


That was great. Made me laugh too! It was basically an advert but i would not mind watching commercials if they were like that! I hate you for using the magnum as a machine gun though =P

TheNooch responds:

Really.... you "hate" me for THAT?! Lol, ok. Thanks for the comment

It was nice.

Yeah, I do like big explosions and sharks on motorcycles shooting a 6 piece revolver.
The only thing is that I'm not an animator yet.....don't know where to start.
9/10 5/5
9 because the button that says "the link" doesn't work.
Copy and paste still works though :-P


I really liked your animating and the shark part was funny :D
Im going to save this so other pople could view it!
I wont be helping you because I suck at animating(il get better)!