Reviews for "We Need YOU!!!"

Sam is amused

nice ... i love car chases with sharks ... but i dont like hot chicks exploding xD
still ... i would like to make a part in the collab , the animations its short and tells you what you want to hear with a humouristic way that i like it in recruitments videos ... my english would suck , but this video makes me speak ... makes me want to join in =D


Don't think I have ever seen an animation like this before. I thought it was pretty clever. However, the desired comedic effect you were going for for the first part of the flash would have been better accomplished had you quickened the pace of the scenes a little bit. For the nature and style of the flash the scenes just took a tad bit too long. IMO For something like this the scenes needed to be quick, flashy, and have a ton of shit going on. But overall, I found it pretty funny. Nice job. Good luck with the collab

TheNooch responds:

I appreciate the honest criticism. That sounds like some good advice that'll I'll be taking with me to my next production.

Thanks for the comment.


I have to applaud you for creativity there... A car chase involving a shark dodging rockets on a motorcycle then shooting a magnum like a machinegun..... That could only be more awesome if you had the bullets be radioactive ninja vampire robots that lactated acid from two titanium super-boobs...

NICE!! lol

Great animation, pretty funny too; reminds me of the Old Spice ads with Terry Cruz in it. "Block! Building kick! EXPLOSIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!"


I like explosions and hot chicks with big boobs, but don't mix them together!