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Reviews for "8-bit Inferno"

Not often do I hand out 5 stars to 8-bit mixes...but this one is just @_@ Wow!
The hype, the emotion, the speed, the hidden meaning....everything. Flows smoothly and has continuous pitch that makes you just think about the good, the old, the new, the bad, and the future...
BRILLIANTLY mastered too I might add!
5/5 5/5 :D

This is AMAZING!

This right here, speed track done nicely.

Your submission has that tone of "I'm goin' for it!" I love it.

This is pretty amazing!
You take that classic Takashi Tateishi sound, but you apply your own distinct style to it. It has a very distinct metal influence, I would say. It's beautiful.
You did a wonderful job keeping the song interesting! I was gripped for the entire 6:17! It's kind of a shame that it doesn't loop endlessly, but the sudden end also plays to the song's strengths!

And I have to say, I do feel the love in this piece. All kinds of love, but it's always love coming out of this song. I can feel tears of joy and sadness welling up inside me at the same time. Strange how these feelings are so similar to each other, yet so distinct...

Anyway, as far as games go, I would have to say that such a song would only work for certain circumstances to be sure! The length of the song would suggest something along the lines of a JRPG, which would allow a song of this length to be fully appreciated, but the style is definitely that of a fast paced action platformer like Mega Man! It could possibly work in an arcade style fighting game too, and probably also games like Raiden and Contra.

If you are looking for a niche, I'd say you've found it.
Excellent job!
Please keep up the good work.