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Reviews for "8-bit Inferno"

This might be my favorite original original composition of yours. Very high energy, I love it! I honestly think you should make your own bandcamp.com page and sell these, you'd definitely get something out of it, and people will definitely want to buy them in my opinion, I know I would! Best of luck, man, and keep up the good work, I look forward to more of what your creativity and talent have to offer!

¡Very Nice! :

Awesome! Which plugins do you use? Sounds really SID -style :D

EliteFerrex responds:

Made this using magical8bit and FamiSynth.

sucks [jk] now lets see the butthurts

I can imagine me playing a final fantasy game in the nes with this song, this song has soo much power that i may even beat ultima weapon from final fantasy II single-handedly!!! POWER!!!!!!!! that's what this song emits!