Reviews for "Pixels shooters"


It's fun but you could increse the difficulty otherwise it's really simple.


This game is a little too easy for me though. Perhaps limiting the number of shots on screen so people can't just spam. Also having the ship remain broken when shot but gain a piece back once in awhile to would increase the difficulty.

Two more things. After once particular level I get the next screen but nothing happens until I press enter. When I do, I end up at the second level of the game. Was that intentional? Sometimes when a level starts there is an enemy bullet that flies out of nowhere. One particular time it crossed across the x-axis at me and I couldn't avoid it.

Overall I think it is a good game. Defiantly worth people's time.

e-norm responds:

there will be no bugs in the final version

game added to favorites

'nuff said

e-norm responds:

Great thanx all for your comment this is very cool


VERY AWESOME and a diffrent form of a shooter very fun 2

Fun game

different from regular shooters