Reviews for "Paging Dr. Seuss"

that was great

how did you come up with all those rymes


creepy, dark and bloody. In summary, my kind of flash video. Excellent art and rhyme. My this haunt me.

CatFat responds:

Glad you liked it :)

My childhood destroyed...

This makes me happy. Absolutely brilliant!!!


That was freakin awesome!
The animation and art was really good.
The voices... its probably hard to get the quality you want. It sounded a little sharp, like the recording volume was too high, or something. That was the only thing I would wish for improvement.
The dialogue was hilarious.
All in all, great work!

So unappreciated!

God daily 4th?? WTF!!! this deserved a reveiw crew pick! the animation was awsome everything was great!