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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

A mod

Isnt this a mod of Battle gear?With more units?Still good though

An upgrade

you could make it little easier on 4th campaign

it was ok

tons of bugs could be fixed, like the guy said earlier a little foot soldier with a machine gun cant take down a tank, yet in this game it magically can lol. I think there is a glitch with exploding tanks, 1 tank would explode and they all would both enemy and myself. You should also try changing the amount of warriors allowed. ANyway good jog with the game :)

Just like Epic War except..........

Its just like epic war which is good because i like it and i like these types of games dont be down by all these negative reviews by all these people who are obviously stupid. The only thing i didnt like was that all you have to do is grind for experience and uprgrade your army enough then its easy. The thing that i liked better than epic war is that you can add skills to the people and if you dont add skills to your people then you will lose thats why its a grindfest it would have have gott a perfect score but it just felt like it could use a little more push to it or some flare. Great game keep up the work.

Good game

i felt like it repeated itself a bit but other than that it was alot of fun