Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

5 outa 5

I liked it its a good time waster but its unoriginal it doesent have anything special make another one just put something special in there

Just like Epic War except..........

Its just like epic war which is good because i like it and i like these types of games dont be down by all these negative reviews by all these people who are obviously stupid. The only thing i didnt like was that all you have to do is grind for experience and uprgrade your army enough then its easy. The thing that i liked better than epic war is that you can add skills to the people and if you dont add skills to your people then you will lose thats why its a grindfest it would have have gott a perfect score but it just felt like it could use a little more push to it or some flare. Great game keep up the work.


If I have to complain about anything, it has to be the Flamethrowers on the Alien side. Sea, Air, or Land, they destroy anything that comes infront of them (and behind them) in a half a second. I could have level ten choppers, and they would obliterate them once they appear at their base.

very fun

repetitive but still fun kinda scifi version of world conquest but still pretty good


pretty good gameplay! nice artworks btw. and lost of fun