Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

Ok i found a Glitch

Ok so if your the aliens, and you put up a lot of artilery, when they start to charge up, pause the game no bullets move but you shoot what was charging and then start to charge again, so all you need is the guys to shoot that green blast, and have about 3 waves of those can beat any level.

great game though

omg epic

one ofe the best games i ever played!!!
10/10 is under rated!

Okay this game

Is vary Good until you fig out how to pretty much auto win Make a 2 str 1 invis Sword On land = every thing dead Boats make the 2ed boats 2 str 1 invis easy win
Also to sald354 hard to win? i thought this was to easy


this game was awesome but there was hardly no side imbalance at all!


awesome game!