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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"


Honestly I really think this is a fun game to kill some unused time. The game play is easy, but makes it playable for the amount of time it was probably meant for! Seriously, who wants to sit on the computer for more than half an hour playing a flash game?! I really dont get why all the all the users on here are such whiny little bitches?! I Seriously dont care or want to hear it, the game play is fine & you all need to STFU & get a life.

love it!!!

Im gettign a liking to this kind of games, I think you art style is very awesomely looking, the game play is well conceived but as some ppl are pointing out , it lacks balance in some areas, I mean it doesnt matter how good a machine gun and a rifle are it shouldnt be possible to take out a tank (or alien equivalent) with them.

very enjoyable game, nice work.


like halo vs. the coventant but kinda repeated


zyrock has it all wrong. the begining you defeat your enemy with ease and learn the controlls. they get harder and harder and you have to assign upgrades to defeat them. you have to know what unit to deploy to conserve on resources. thus making it a strategy game. the final battle was one of the most epics fights i ever played. struggling to get the upper hand. using the lassor cannon to blast away tons of enemy cruise ships. while he just mashed his computer. this is one of the greatest games on here.

Perfect game 10/10

I like Aliens games so i give this game 10/10 Alien vs Human games ROCK!!!