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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"


Above the lack of a tutorial, poor English, and terrible graphics, the thing that stood out most was the crushing monotony. I found myself clicking the same four buttons repeatedly, slowly whittling down the enemy's base health. The only way I could lose was walking away from the game. I even won by building the same one unit repeatedly. This does not deserve the front page.

Overall view..

Its a nice litte game however it has many problems and comes no where near other titles with the same style, im not even sure what these types of games are called but i know this is not one of the good ones. I dont believe this deserves to be on the front page, however i still admit "Its a nice little game"


This game was stupendously badly balanced and consised of hitting the same keys as fast as possible. There was little if any strategy as to what to select. No real advatnage of 1 unit over another, just build build build.


This is exactly like about ten other games I've played. It's far too easy. Gold regenerates so quickly that strategy is completely unnecessary. Just wait until a unit is created and then make another one. If enemy forces overwhelm you, just replay an old battle a few times until everything is upgraded. This type of game is designed to make the player feel like they've accomplished something with absolutely no effort except repetitive clicking.

No thinking required

This game is only a "strategy" game in the loosest possible sense. You can't give your troops any orders, and unlike other, similar titles where you just pump out troops, the battle resources are so generous that the only real option is to just spam units over and over. The real killer for this one isn't the repetitive gameplay, it's the gratitude stalling to pad out the repetitive gameplay. Most missions are battles of attrition where the only thing tested is your patience. Pushing enemy lines back to their base is easy, but punching through that last line of defense is so infuriatingly time consuming that it sucks the fun out of the game.

If the game was more frugal with resources, IF the game made unit qeu a mechanic, IF the game was just more than spam the same two or three units endlessly, then it might of been enjoyable. As it stands the game is little more than a test of patience, rather than any actual skill.

I will say this though, the art was well done and the sprites work well for the setting.