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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

Advice? Play something else.

Yeah. Not very good.

The graphics are alright, and it kills some time, but there are plenty of similar games. For example, Battle Gear (also by belugerin) is basically the same game.

However, in Battle Gear, the base defenses do not have to be activated manualy.
And you can order your troops to retreat or hold the line and not, you know, rush to their death like lemmings.
And the flamethrowers (at least, alien flamethrowers) do not magically burn units behind them, causing you to lose half of your units and prolonging the battle. That is very annoying.

Oh, and it is sightly more difficult to win a battle by pushing hotkeys at random as I just did.
So yeah. It is basically a weaker copy of Battle Gear with an annoying interface and magical alien flamethrowers.

And, of course, aliens.

Needs more work on

It could be a nice game with all the units to unlock and upgrade... But it's unbalanced the alien units are too strong for humans.
Also i noticed while playing with aliens that the result screen at the end of mission is not working good : the "Units" refers always to humans and "Enemies" refers always to aliens.

lacking a true 'game'

aliens is too easy, idk about humans, and air/land/water used in seperate battles? not many tactics needed there. games like these draw people that like the use of tactics in their game, if you want the game to be more successful, make it so that the game is very hard without some actual unit/counter-unit action

Kinda samey....

You get too much gold at the end of each round, which makes things way too simple. The battles are also just a matter of clicking repeatedly until you overcome the enemy... Nice presentation though.


no interest... no tactics... just stupid unit spaming and u'll beat it.
also when you are near computer base he is killing 2(3) lanes of your units without any problems, so it makes this game longer.

i have seen much better games with battles air/ground/sea.
it's 2/5 "Nothing too new or interesting"