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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

A bit broken

This game could have been great if you fixed the gameplay. While I was playing the fourth campaign the game was unbeatable because then enemy spawns faster than you and have greater range but lower attack and defense but this doesnt work because you'll either end up outnumbered or have forever lasting stalemate. I tried everything to get pass that level but its impossible.


this is not a terrible game or idea! if i may be so bold to suggest a little more playability as well as a smarter AI, on top of that maybe the action just isnt what it should be. I am giving 5/10 because its been done before a lot better than this, but this was not garbage, just give a few tweaks and throw in a little more spice and flare. maybe make it more of a tower defense based game, anyways. Get those gears turning and give us an updated version!


Guy 2 spaces under me said it all. Points for effort though 5/10

faved, but not great

This is basically the game "Battle Gear" with a less arbitrary air combat system and a more arbitrary sea combat system.

The Game play is lame. All you're doing here is clicking the mouse and putting upgrades on the Units. The only thing that is interesting about the game is the design. Other than that its not good at all. Also if you were able to add a good design then how come you never add a storyline to it? Also I took a look at the units in the human campaign and noticed that it contained WWII technology and modern technology. Also I mentioned the stug in the artillery section and noticed that it wasn't a Stug at all. Seems like you randomly put the names to the units without even thinking.

It would have been better if you had showed some more work.