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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

A bit broken

This game could have been great if you fixed the gameplay. While I was playing the fourth campaign the game was unbeatable because then enemy spawns faster than you and have greater range but lower attack and defense but this doesnt work because you'll either end up outnumbered or have forever lasting stalemate. I tried everything to get pass that level but its impossible.

I looks good, but there is no strategy ...

Well if it would be only graphic and presentation you would get immediately 10/10.

But in my opinion the gameplay sucks. The idea is good, but there is no visible effect in the different kind of units. It just constructing as many units as fast as possible and let them charge to the enemy. You get more than enough money to unit spam and the tricky part is to survive the first 30 seconds, where enemy has money advantage.

And there is no visible scissor, rock, paper principe which would make me thing which unit to produce. You have put many units in this game, but they all feel like cannon-fodder.
Since you have more than enough money you can produce all units at the same time without problems.

Also a pity that you cannot use aircraft/landunits/sea units togehter in a battle. It could have been fun.

So this time only 5/10


I don't like it.

Not bad

It was a good way to kill some time, got a bit repetitive. Like the upgrade system. Had a LOT of lag with the last 4 levels. Only major problem really was it was freaking easy

faved, but not great

This is basically the game "Battle Gear" with a less arbitrary air combat system and a more arbitrary sea combat system.