Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

Not Bad

I agree with what the other people said in terms of balance, but it was fun getting to the point where I was fully upgraded and couldn't win.
I love games like this, I love upgrading shite.

Fun but repetative.

it was fun for the first 30 minutes but then i got invisable flamethrowers and it just got 2 easy

love the game

the game is very good, and gets trick at the end, the last battle i was just mashing all the hot keys and spaming the base attacks when they came off cooldown in a desperation to out number the aliens.....worked but it was a long battle CX i would like too see a a 2 player mode!


incredible, i spent an hour and didnt noticed and i got late to a meeting, thats why i put an 8

Not To Bad

This is game is all right and cool like Age Of Wae 1/2 But its a bit too easy.