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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

good game, but...

I have a problem with some of the air battles. the difficulty jump is far too massive. the alien copter that fires three blue piercing lasers will come out and in a single second wipe out 20 of my units, reguardless of what they are. those copters have far too much damage and range, and are practically impossible to kill! please nerf their abilities and make them easier to kill.

the infantry gets too strong when reach level 1o


Learn to play

Almost all of the reviews I have seen say that it's easy until you start getting overwhelmed. I've beat the game on both sides, and I haven't even lost any hit points. What all of you players that are getting overwhelmed need to do is fight whichever side you're fighting with the same techniques that they are using. Me, personally, I had all my units upgraded before level 8, so I just demolished whatever got in my way, but I would recommend overwhelming them before the do it to you. Don't rely on your "big guns", and let you're smaller units beat the daylights out of your enemy. That's what I did before I upgraded everything, and I still do it.


It has potential for being a really good game but it can use a little more of everything

-Harder to get money, you get like a million every battle

-Make it so the enemy actually act like it doesn't have infinite troops

-Easier leveling system, I had to grind a battle 10 times before I could actually beat the next level

-More units for Air and Sea

-Combined battles, i.e. Air and Sea battle, Land and Air

-make the first power-up not curve down but go straight.

-Fix a few graphical errors like when you get a new power-up such as that last one it stays in one place while an air fortress moves up and down a bit.

-An ability to queue units and command weather they stay back or not.

-A story

Those are some things that would make this game go from a 6-8/10 to a 10/10

Fun but repetative.

it was fun for the first 30 minutes but then i got invisable flamethrowers and it just got 2 easy