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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

luv it

but needs to be harder

CHeap way of winning any land battle

i was on the last level as aliens and everytime i played it the humans kept winning kept winning...i had full upgrads on every land unit and they still beat me down to a pulp. then i got to thinking. there is a power up named invisable. just put that on the swordsmen or better yet, the flame throwers. and only send the unit you have invisable on out to combat. they will plow through any enemy and the enemy won't shoot back. :O keep in mind that i only used this on the last level. dont use this on any other or you'll ruin your game experiance.{ lol i used it on swordmen first and it felt like i was controling an army of predators}

very fun

repetitive but still fun kinda scifi version of world conquest but still pretty good


pretty good gameplay! nice artworks btw. and lost of fun

good game, but...

I have a problem with some of the air battles. the difficulty jump is far too massive. the alien copter that fires three blue piercing lasers will come out and in a single second wipe out 20 of my units, reguardless of what they are. those copters have far too much damage and range, and are practically impossible to kill! please nerf their abilities and make them easier to kill.