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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"


IT IS AWESUME!!!!!!!!!!! I just cant get past level 10. :s


no interest... no tactics... just stupid unit spaming and u'll beat it.
also when you are near computer base he is killing 2(3) lanes of your units without any problems, so it makes this game longer.

i have seen much better games with battles air/ground/sea.
it's 2/5 "Nothing too new or interesting"

love the game

the game is very good, and gets trick at the end, the last battle i was just mashing all the hot keys and spaming the base attacks when they came off cooldown in a desperation to out number the aliens.....worked but it was a long battle CX i would like too see a a 2 player mode!

Great game idea.

This game is very fun for a while, but then gets pretty repetitive. The whole concept of this game is great though. Aliens and humans are interesting battlers, and I never seen a game with these enemies. The land, Air and sea concept is clever too.

However, there are many spelling errors in this game. Might wanna fix them! :D
Solid 7. Graphics aren't superior, and I am playing on Mute.

Fun but repetative.

it was fun for the first 30 minutes but then i got invisable flamethrowers and it just got 2 easy