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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

Nice game

thanx for share this game , I loved

No thinking required

This game is only a "strategy" game in the loosest possible sense. You can't give your troops any orders, and unlike other, similar titles where you just pump out troops, the battle resources are so generous that the only real option is to just spam units over and over. The real killer for this one isn't the repetitive gameplay, it's the gratitude stalling to pad out the repetitive gameplay. Most missions are battles of attrition where the only thing tested is your patience. Pushing enemy lines back to their base is easy, but punching through that last line of defense is so infuriatingly time consuming that it sucks the fun out of the game.

If the game was more frugal with resources, IF the game made unit qeu a mechanic, IF the game was just more than spam the same two or three units endlessly, then it might of been enjoyable. As it stands the game is little more than a test of patience, rather than any actual skill.

I will say this though, the art was well done and the sprites work well for the setting.

It's to one sided

The winner of the battle is basicly who ever can build the most units which makes it way too easy or way too hard. A good game is one thats a moderate setting not too hard not too easy but as the game progresses it becomes a bit harder not always too easy or too hard


clearly, you aren't shooting for originality here.

I found it time consuming, and a little rigged.

i re-played levels till i *should* have been virtually indestructible, and yet, i would find myself struggling in some early battles.

then some levels would just drag on despite the fact that i am just slaughtering everything that lay before me.

i gave you it a 2 because it really is nothing new, and its kind of a pointless play.

Very nice game

Great tactics great fantasy and of course nice spam!