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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"



CHeap way of winning any land battle

i was on the last level as aliens and everytime i played it the humans kept winning kept winning...i had full upgrads on every land unit and they still beat me down to a pulp. then i got to thinking. there is a power up named invisable. just put that on the swordsmen or better yet, the flame throwers. and only send the unit you have invisable on out to combat. they will plow through any enemy and the enemy won't shoot back. :O keep in mind that i only used this on the last level. dont use this on any other or you'll ruin your game experiance.{ lol i used it on swordmen first and it felt like i was controling an army of predators}


zyrock has it all wrong. the begining you defeat your enemy with ease and learn the controlls. they get harder and harder and you have to assign upgrades to defeat them. you have to know what unit to deploy to conserve on resources. thus making it a strategy game. the final battle was one of the most epics fights i ever played. struggling to get the upper hand. using the lassor cannon to blast away tons of enemy cruise ships. while he just mashed his computer. this is one of the greatest games on here.

i like it but...

its fun and i love games like this but when ever i leave the game it takes be back 20 steps when i only took 15, so to speak

well its intresting but

first i wanna say people who say you dont need strategy for this game are WRONG you do, but ones you have chosen the right upgrades in the first 3 levels youre invincible and then it gets boring bt still a desent game

btw people who like anime and wanna help me make one plz visit my profile i really need names for the characters and maybe soem new ideas for the story