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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"


It's easy to use and it gets gradually harder unlike some games where it just goes from easy to hard. Also Aliens control air, Humans control sea, and land can go either way depending.

. . . . .ok

I gave 4 because of its way too boring and the grapics are ................

I can say anything about it so I'll give 4/10 and 2/5


incredible, i spent an hour and didnt noticed and i got late to a meeting, thats why i put an 8

Its alright

5/10 3/5. Fun but could be better. It is really simple and requires no strategy. except for the last level i was able to win every battle by simply sending fully upgraded basic units (sword, boat 1, heli 1) until i had enough money to start spamming everything.

After that first 15 seconds u just spam every unit you got available as soon as its cooldown is up and BAM just set your stopwatch and see how long it takes to win. no you dont even have to watch the fight.

The last level took a little longer... i had to upgrade my higher tier units a little more but same concept as all the rest.

My suggestions?
-change around unit power and costs. make it harder to get coin in a battle and make it beneficial to save up for that really tough high tier unit to summon! making the player balance saving and spending will put some strategy into the game.
-special powers are good but how bout turrets or somethin to place on bases?
-combine fights! air/ground or air/sea fights would be great! make it to where the units can affect other unit types like a boat that can only attack air units (more strategy here!)
-make the battlefields bigger! they are wayyyy too small in my opinion and again inhibit the strategy as you cant see whats coming before its already at your base
-Combine skills and upgrades. i think seperating them out just makes the interface more confusing. you could easily make extra damage/health/speed and special abilities an UPGRADE for specific units
-some units are redundant or stupid. for example on aliens, the flame thrower is melee range just like sword and has the same killing power. Heli 2 on aliens is a melee range copter and costs more than Heli 1 which can shoot across the battlefield?! doesnt make much sense to me.


awesome game!