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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

Not To Bad

This is game is all right and cool like Age Of Wae 1/2 But its a bit too easy.

faved, but not great

This is basically the game "Battle Gear" with a less arbitrary air combat system and a more arbitrary sea combat system.

Patching is required

Seems that there is no boundary to decide what is in front and what is behind...your alien attacks are able to kill everything in front of their ship and behind...i dont see how this is logical so please change the effect of damage to the area so that the ships that shoot the blue shots are not able to kill literally everything...

War of the fastest mouse clicker!

it all came down to " who could build their tank units first" and you have won so it got dull after about 12 mins

for example, one game I got wiped in 1 minute by 3 tanks (alien) then i resated and make my fastest guys first so they died and i got money to build tanks and smashed them in 20 seconds flat... thats about as tacticel as it got for me

also, why can't you build, say 2 rifle units at once? it would improve the game massivly and add much more depth too

Good game, but unbalanced

Great game! Alien air ship which shoots blur shots is totaly overpowered though. 1 squad killed all my 12 aircrafts.