Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

Overall view..

Its a nice litte game however it has many problems and comes no where near other titles with the same style, im not even sure what these types of games are called but i know this is not one of the good ones. I dont believe this deserves to be on the front page, however i still admit "Its a nice little game"


im gonna have to go with mooman on this one.

Okay this game

Is vary Good until you fig out how to pretty much auto win Make a 2 str 1 invis Sword On land = every thing dead Boats make the 2ed boats 2 str 1 invis easy win
Also to sald354 hard to win? i thought this was to easy

Its great...

...as i said its great copy of Battle Gear even the base and some human armies are the same

Pretty Good!

I like strategy games especially ones with multiple terrains but this get boring quick not a good game!

Could be better :(