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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

kept me entertained

however zerging

is all you really need

I think the game has potential

I looks good, but there is no strategy ...

Well if it would be only graphic and presentation you would get immediately 10/10.

But in my opinion the gameplay sucks. The idea is good, but there is no visible effect in the different kind of units. It just constructing as many units as fast as possible and let them charge to the enemy. You get more than enough money to unit spam and the tricky part is to survive the first 30 seconds, where enemy has money advantage.

And there is no visible scissor, rock, paper principe which would make me thing which unit to produce. You have put many units in this game, but they all feel like cannon-fodder.
Since you have more than enough money you can produce all units at the same time without problems.

Also a pity that you cannot use aircraft/landunits/sea units togehter in a battle. It could have been fun.

So this time only 5/10


glitchy. and you stole the music from straw hat samurai.

its alright

well... its not incredible, but it isnt horrible. not very original. in air combat, i was humans and as soon as i got really close to the enemy base, the alien units would immediately kill 4-6 of my helis at once. including the ones behind the enemy units. this makes the air battles long and tedious.....

4/5 7/10


I think taking a poop is more fun....BUT i think this game has potential, maybe a bigger battle screen?