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Reviews for "Humaliens Battle"

I wish it was longer

I feel like im cheating when i use invisibility, i nvr had to use anything else but the sword in land battles when i got it

Games like this.....

Are easily some of my favorite games. I personally love this rendition. Kudos guys, kudos indeed.

Perfect game 10/10

I like Aliens games so i give this game 10/10 Alien vs Human games ROCK!!!


It's incredibly unoriginal (much like your other "Battle Gear" carbon copies) and unbalanced. There is zero strategy involved and you're forced to grind like hell. It's just...terrible.

Oh well, at least you didn't make a trailer for this game.

What a lovely day and we won the war!

Humaliens Battle is an addicting RTS game!
It will be alright! It will be alriiiiight!
even it is only in easy game mode.
Portugal The Man's People Say is its theme!