Reviews for "A Sperm Limit Law"


not funny, not meaningfull, not exciting, just weird n racist,bout the worst vid i seen on newgrounds


It's about enough of this pussy business. People can't simply zero-bomb a flash when they don't even look at the creative/artistic side of it. Also, saying that only black people can say 'n****r' is still racist, because it's excluding the non-black people from saying a word which gets used all the time, which doesn't mean anything. I wouldn't worry about these stupid complaints, those people are just butthurt and feel as if they're saving the world by becoming the minority in this situation.

Anyway, some fantastic animation and FBF used in there. The music suited it well and it was more screwed up than ever. I like your stuff, better than all these shitty Video Game parodies...

very cool

I can't get enough of your amazing animation style. Sure there are some bad words and some vulgar ideas in here, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a great flash.

lol complaints?

When did newgrounds become full of vaginas? Is everyone that sensitive when hearing the word n****r. I can guarantee that most of the people crying about this are white and just trying to rant. There's all kinds of racial humor out there so why does this one piss you off so bad. Sweet animation and I enjoyed the music.


I love the animation. Can't wait to see more!