Reviews for "A Sperm Limit Law"

yeeeeeeeeeeeeah boi

i always dig the animation. the obscene plot only makes art like this, stand out in an almost "bland" world. 5/5.


Your animation style is very unique, colorful, and looks very difficult and time consuming to pull off.

However, the story, theme, or plot was very lacking.

The only thing that makes me more angry than poorly animated pieces is an amazingly animated piece, like this, that feels like the author made no real attempt to construct a viable and coherent story or theme.

Unless you sole objective was to offend and confuse people, then you failed.

Don't misunderstand me, I really like your animation style, but be more clear about what you are trying to say.


dead n****r storage

Because it is artistic

The animation is bad taste... but it's has a good artistic style.


No, I don't.
I didn't think it was very funny. But it was well animated. So kudos on that..

Catoblerone responds:

kudos is finnish for tissue. as in muscle tissue or scar tissue