Reviews for "A Sperm Limit Law"


its something about your styl man. It reminds me a lot of chad van gaalan's vids. So warped. One can only love it.

Pretty okay

Interesting and creative artwork. The music was pretty catchy, besides the title music of course. Didn't like that music that much. Maybe if the concept of the "story" wasn't kind of stupid then it would have been an incredible video. The video has potential thanks to the artwork. It's just that the idea within the small amount of plot it has sort of brings it down a bit. Making another video with the same kind of artwork, different characters, and a stranger concept that doesn't include dead "n****rs" and rape.

All in all, great animation, okay concept, 7/10.

My god

No one has seen pulp fiction, yes I read all the previous reviews to make sure. It's kind of scary.

While the plot wasn't award winning novel quality, that's not really the point. The point was the animation, which very fluid and enjoyable to watch. I don't regret viewing this flash.

HAH! awesomely random

jesus.. that was hellufa animation. something tells me.. (just a tiny..very very small hint, i mean not like this isnt what everyone on lsd keeps tellin everyone else about) that you are supposed to watch this on LSD or somethin of the sort. either or.. friggen great stuff man


Have not seen anything like this on the site would love to know the story behind this.