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Reviews for "Operation BlackKnife"

Goddamn...this is hard!

But i love it.Theres nothing worse than a game which might be fun,but its too easy.I really understand some of the other guys, but for me.... u hit the nail on the head.Felt a little like the Freelancer game. Well done.

P.S i experienced a bug once, so that i couldnt fly to the right anymore after using he shop. Game reload solved.

this game was very interesting....

this game reminds me of the game homeworld (1&2) but 2D. and if i were to go by that, then this game feels spot on with a good difficulty and everything.

I loved it but something was wrong

I loved the game, i gave the rating I gave, not because the screen was too small, but because of how i didn't really feel in control of the ship, that alongside it's difficulty, and no checkpoints, was frustrating. I stopped playing on the level with the three turrets, because i was tired of going through the tutorial after being blown up on the last turret. Just some tweaking and this game could be incredible, loved the feel, loved almost everything about it, it's just that something was off, maybe the difficulty of dodging those guided missiles( although afterburn helps), quite possibly the lack of checkpoints alongside a difficult game, and definitely a non skip-able tutorial.

half the cookie

its a great game just not tuned..i some how got infinite energy or as the game says Nan and switched on my shield the whole time just on the 3 rd levle...that got boring quick cuz im like a guy married to courtney love when it comes to games...given the opportunity...i will cheat. it has alot of potential i really like the feeling of open space and theirs a pretty good upgrade selection...maybe a few more guns would be nice though

Great, but needs save button

The levels are moderately long and what would really make your game better is if you could save and come back to any point in the game. Dying near the end of a long level can be very annoying.

Other than that, though , the game is very solid. one of the best spaceship shooters ive seen. keep up the good work =]