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Reviews for "Operation BlackKnife"

Excellent game.

I really love this game. It's imaginative, fun and challenging in all the right places. Yes. some of the levels are a little hard - but they aren't impossible and it just makes you strive to do better.

There used to be a couple of games about 10 years ago called Freespace and Tachyon - kind of remind me of those. I particularly like the level designs where you give different objectives and scenarios than just blowing things up - navigating through radiation, lighting up an unidentified craft, etc, etc. I would have liked some hittests around some of the objects though - like the space station and asteroids, so that you had to avoid them and not just be able to fly straight through them.

Okay the only reason why I'm giving this an 8 and not a 10 (because in my opinion it deserves a 10 and then some; I don't get why people are giving it such low scores) is that on the mission where you have to navigate through hyperspace, when I entered the exit portal, it lead me into a large clump of dark matter, giving my HP -4. The next level, I start on -4 HP with seemingly no way to reset back to the previous level. Hence, I'm stuck with my ship spawning in on -4 HP and blowing up. The Menu button in that screen also doesn't appear to work, so I have no choice but to start the whole game again - which is very annoying!

Other than that, a great game - and I love all the customisation and little extras you have added to it - such as the ship lights or the way the mission screen and HUD open and close; that is very cool. All in all, a very imaginative game with just one or two bugs!

great game

i loved this game it was short but i loved it. I do have some advice tho, the speed power is useless sense you have afterburners. I would replace it with a lockon or use it to power up your weapons. Not much of a story line but i fit the atmosphere of the game, that's hard to do and earns a huge plus! Wave mode is broken beat the first wave got my upgrades but i did not see anything to click to start the next wave. I suggest you use the jump button to go to the next area. Also i the "protect civilian transport" part of the game, instead of having one unit show up and attack the transport. Have all the units that spawn throughout the scene attack it, not directly i mean they just throw some rockets at it. To balance this give the player the skill to repair the armor of the ship using alt power.

hope these help you and great job i cannot wait for the next one.


Way too many glitches. I couldn't use cloak in the mission I needed to use cloak in!!!! If you could fix the glitches, this game would be awesome


Controls aren't the best, But it's a decent game.

It is a great game!

The graphics are amazing as well as the gameplay, but the one thing I had troubles with was the controls. I just found them a little awkward.