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Reviews for "Operation BlackKnife"

Awesome but I'm having issues.

This game seems so awesome and I wanna play it bad but it seems that when the action gets going, the controls want to lock up and lag really bad. I will be flying and fighting but they stick and I'll fly and shoot in the same direction/fashion I was before and will not allow me to stop until I release the controls but even then when I start back up shortly there after it happens again.
Not sure if it my comp or my net or the game itself but it is aggravating. Not sure how long the storyline is but seems like it may already be time to think about a separate game client download.
Wish I could actually play but thanks anyway.

rytherix responds:

Its a engine flaw that I worked tirelessly to kill, but unfortunately it will still effect lower-end computers =(
I tried to design the campaign to have as little requirements as possible.
The game is optimized to have a minimum computer specs of 2.0ghz DualCore Processor.

its nice

the grafics are great and the ships are kind of cool in one rar way

rytherix responds:

Glad you like the ship design =)


It was a fantastic game! The controls responded well to me, and I loved the auxiliary powers and the customization!

However, there were a few problems.
I agree that there is a problem with balancing; mostly in the purchase options. It is simply impossible to get a most of the upgrades/weapons/modules without the "secret" at the end.

Also, once I used the "secret" the close button on at the hanger screen wouldn't work, trapping me in the hanger. This specifically happened during the second level, but also sometimes at other levels when I opened the hanger using the "secret." This persisted into my subsequent save files.

It's an excellent game, but it was unplayable after the hanger problem came up. (couldn't get past second level normally.)

rytherix responds:

The secret power comes with the warning of fucking up the game engine =P
Be warned XD


Very fun game indeed. But there was points when the ship would not go up. it would go down, aleft and right. but not up.

rytherix responds:

I have never heard of that bug before... how interesting. Perhaps you could tell me when that started happening.
And to fix you can remap your controls in the settings menu in the main menu!


i can't use my cloaking on the one black ops level!??!!!??!!

rytherix responds:

hmm, still? I thought I had fixed that problem, is your Aux Power level NaN?
Please send me a PM with the details and I would be greatly thankful