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Reviews for "Operation BlackKnife"

could be better

it looks great, and has a great concept, but you should of taken 5 or 6 months to develop this game, needs major rebalancing, the missions were way to hard. overall good game, but you should of taken your time on this one.

good, but could be better

Overall its a nice game, its looks good, it plays well, its not boring (actually its fun). Only real problem i had with it was the lack of checkpoints, especially for the radioactive needle in a haystack mission, and the screen was a bit small for the amount of stuff on the HUD plus how you have to keep the enemies with guided missiles off screen to dodge them. The HUD was actually very well put together though, I've seen HUDs with less that were bulkier. Good work, and keep it up!

(and look into checkpoints!)

rytherix responds:

I wish I could have made teh screen way bigger, however, a lot of sites *cough* this one*** dont accept games that are much larger than this one =(

No Mute,

Missions are too hard - this game needs serious rebalancing. Spend a little longer to structure your missions, else you'll piss off your players!

Also, no mute button obvious! I cannot believe the mistake still crops up of not providing players with a mute button. Please please please please PLEASE fix this!

rytherix responds:

Mute Button: Noted

Needless to say

I must agree with one of the people here who were so negative, the screen is too small. Also I did not find well any bugs that I can say I noticed at all. Besides the fact that I hit one of those big ships with multiple missles that In all reality looked like it would cause alot of damage it took a crap load of hits. It was annoying and it bugged me, but besides those few things I reallly like it. Games like this just make me happy haha

Good game

The game was good, well animated, easy controls.
I see people mentioning bugs, but the only thing I saw was the [mission timer/detect level/ally hp] interface item disappearing if you die/fail a mission.
The game was relatively easy (played on normal mode), but, like other people have mentioned, it was far, far too short. I completed the stealth mission and was confused by the "you beat the game" credits, expected at least another 4-5 levels. >,,<

Only mission I had some difficulty with was the second-to-last mission (hyperspace dodging black matter), occasionally the screen would get so cluttered with black matter that when I touched one it sent me through an instantly killing black matter pinball game.
[[Wave Mode]]
Entertaining until I had all the upgrades, +200% armor, +200% energy, and 4 Pulsar Lance III equipped. Nearly 1-shotting the stack of 10 ships right out of stealth mode got a little boring after a few more rounds.
Also, the Enemy ships always fired missiles in a straight line towards where the player's ship WAS (with the exception of the occasional short range Guided Missile, which also rarely hit). So long as the player keeps a little distance and merely circles around the enemy, they rarely get hit. Perhaps the larger ships should occasionally fire a missile towards a point offset a certain degree in front of the players ship, to make it more likely to get a hit in.
The stealth detection units would have made a great addition to the later waves too.
Yet, all in all it was a nice game, worthy of a good score.
[7/10, 4/5]
-1 for shortness, -2 for enemy predictability

rytherix responds:

Sorry for the shortness, it disappointed me too lol
And as for the enemy predictability... I will have to think about that one
Thanks for the great review!