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Reviews for "Splat!"


nice one dude!


It was good animation though I found it a bit too short. If it had have been a bit longer it would have a higher vote, though I found this quite funny.

Keep animating

Great Job, Love the Animation!

I like your animation style. The sound seemed to sync well with it. Just WAY to short for me to give a higher score. Looking forward to seeing ya around and watching your animations evolve


The animation is good, but I don't really think you should submit stuff unless it's a whole flash, tests are pretty annoying. Voice was really weird, and got really annoying as this kept playing over and over again. If you're going to submit tests, submit several at once, put them in a menu, and ask for feedback on each. Do that, and I could give you a real score. I don't care how good the animation is, I can't give you much if it's this short. If you submit multiple tests, it would be useful, as it would give you practice making menus, allow you to experiment with different styles and find out what people like best, be less likely to be blammed, and get you a lot more feedback at once.