Reviews for "Getting Screwed Over!"

Not bad

I'm not sure why everyone is so hung up on this "not being a game". I really could give a shit less what category it's in, thanks for the medal points. I'm sure if Tom and the GENRE MODS wanted it moved, it would have been.

Now that that's out of the way. Most of the artwork was funny, and there were some really good pieces in there. The music was okay, and it seemed well put together and humorous. Not really much more I can say about it. Good artwork from many people all in one nice slideshow with a funny theme.

Got a laugh out lf it as art!

Definitely not a game - the only clear distinction for a game is it should have some mechanism to stop the player from progressing to a desired end. Note the player doesn't ever have to make it to this ending! Not interactive - if I poke it it doesn't react, other than progressing forward or maybe revealing a secret. Definitely art, but sadly no "flash art" category. And sadly most flash art (interactive or "flipbook" as is this) suffers for being neither a movie nor a game.

Generally to stop claiming everything as art, art should be concerned with the expression of an idea / ideas - which the this does nicely - except maybe the leap to nails... damn rogue nails always competing with the screws!

Maybe announce it to the world as art, apologise profusely for having to submit it as a game or movie, and tell everyone "Screw you too!"

Democracy at work here, folks.

I like how so many people are rating this so poorly because it was labeled as a game. Even if that had anything to do with the actual content, slideshows do in fact belong under the "Game" category, because it contains some tangible degree of interactivity.
Those who aren't downvoting for that technicality are doing so because they find the content objectionable. This despite the fact that the flash is rated "M", and the content is perfectly acceptable for that rating.

Now, that said, I'm still giving this a 5, because while some of the art was kind of interesting and humorous, it wasn't particularly memorable, and very few pictures featured any sort of real polish.

OK pix good music

So what about the Cat? Something should be done to sort that out- do we need a new cat? Tom says he doesn't want galleries of pix and that is what this is, but he front paged it so ?

Some good art and some pretty basic. Worked well enough and good music.

Really Great!

Do you people think you're the first (or the only) person to say, "Hey! This isn't a flash game!"? No! So stop with the "Not a Flash Game" reviews, Captain Obvious!
Now, back to the review.
Anyway, all the art was really great and it was a really cool collab.
Kudos to all the artists!