Reviews for "Getting Screwed Over!"


the Clock Crew's unrivaled enemies
Funny collection, though some really suck :P

I don't like ignorance.

Let's see the options when submitting on newgrounds.

Option 1 - Movie
Option 2 - Game/Interactive Movie

Which one is this? The Game/Interactive Movie. Hey look! The author isn't being ignorant at all! In fact, it's the people calling him ignorant that are! Who would have thought that there would be a bunch of people on the internet thinking they knew what they were talking about?

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Perhaps add a menu that has some sort of animation in it. It's really not necessary, but it's just something to think about in the future. It's like a dress up game in ways. There are the normal ones that have a bunch of items to choose from and then there are the ones that include a couple of small animated items. Sometimes just a little bit here and there can really add to a piece.

I didn't like the background for the game. I feel that you should have had someone create one or at least find one that was big enough that it wouldn't get pixelated when you stretched it out. I would also suggest making the screen a little bigger and making the letters of the usernames bigger as well. I know they aren't the point of focus, but I think it would look better.

~ Story/Content ~

I love that you always do these things for charity. I've seen you run a lot of these charities and I'm sure all the money you've earned for them has helped out even though I can't see you making a crazy amount of money out of these submissions. (Probably more than I'll ever make from newgrounds though)

Like in every single one of these types of submissions there are the good and the bad art pieces. Sadly the lower quality do seem to out number the great ones, but there are some really good ones in there. Perhaps in the future you should be a little more strict on what you allow in, but I can understand that these things don't always get a good turnout and you might need to accept the ones that you wouldn't normally.

~ Audio ~

The audio playing during the submission itself was pretty good, but I think that you could have picked a slightly better song for the credits. It wasn't a bad song, but I'm sure there were better choices out there. Your a voice actor right? (I know you are, no reason to answer that) Implement some voices in here every now and then. Anything to break up the boring look at picture 1, click, picture 2, click, etc... with the same song playing over and over.

~ Overall ~

Keep up the charity work, decent job, and thanks for not being ignorant by putting this in the movie section. It's clearly not a movie and it's interactive, therefor in the right section. It's nice to have submitters be able to read and use logic!

Be safe overseas! Respond when you get the time.

ForNoReason responds:

I really appreciate the thorough review! You bring up a lot of good ideas and I will defiantly utilize them in the final collab! I appreciate the support as well! I agree that some of the art isnt great, and plan on being a little more strict in the next outing. Also, the tips about screen size and resolution will definitely be used! Thanks so much!

hahaha clever stuff

every pic was great! where was my invite to collab for this??? :(

ForNoReason responds:

Jump in on part three!


It's so fun to see what people say.... ahhh its not a game! its badly done! the worlds going to explode! OMFG AHHHHH we're all gonna die!!... hahaha it's an art collab. calm down, stop whining... i liked it

screw you

made me busy out laughing a couple of times great concept for a collab