Reviews for "Holy Sprites2 (Collab)"

Eyy!! Must be the money!

This was a great collab, Props to everyone in it, nobody dissapointed.

Sunrie responds:

That's what we like to hear. Thank you


really loved it i love sprites and i always will :D.

Sunrie responds:

Awesome, thanks

ha ha ha ha ha

you guys are freaking awesome!

Sunrie responds:

Thank you very much. We'd also like to know which and why in particular, so we can grow and continue to be awesome

im with JiggleJuiceXD

i seen them all all i think u sude have goten 1st

Sunrie responds:

Well, thank you, but the people spoke. Some of them were jerks to try and bomb the Portal, but what can you do

Choa gun ftw!

Seriously, that one had me rolling, as well as quite a few others.

The Steve Irwin thing though...no, just...no.

Loving this series, I hope you make more! Very high-quality work you have here! ^^