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Reviews for "Holy Sprites2 (Collab)"


But it was still pretty awesome, despite being somewhat disturbing at times.

You are on something!

But maybe in your case, it's a good thing! Another funny collab!

Sunrie responds:

*LOL* Ain't it the truth

im with JiggleJuiceXD

i seen them all all i think u sude have goten 1st

Sunrie responds:

Well, thank you, but the people spoke. Some of them were jerks to try and bomb the Portal, but what can you do

Holy Jumpin Monkees!

Made my day! What kind of drugs are you on?

Sunrie responds:

I don't really remember...it's getting to the point where you can't trust a "PSST! OVER HERE!" guy anymore

fuck 4th place

you guys deserved better
really hope theres another one

Sunrie responds:

We uploaded on a day when a bunch of d-bags decided to bomb the portal, so what can you do? At least we got Daily 4th :)