Reviews for "The Legend of Zelda CP"


Can't wait, looks awesome!

ZeldaCP responds:

Thank you ^0^

I like it.

I can't wait to see the real thing.

ZeldaCP responds:

Well I hope you enjoy it ^-^

its an 8

on;y for the fact its a preview...smooth animation(from whats shown) good artwork and maybe some touching up on wuality

ZeldaCP responds:

Oh thank you ^0^ it was my first time animateing , but Tori showed me how to work through it ^-^ so it smooth i'm happy ^0^


Usually, a bad mofo as I am, I would tear this to shreds, but your style of drawing has got something naive, maybe a little cheesy about it... which I like. Minus two points for pop-culture reference. Zelda... seriously. Nothing fresh nowhere...
Still, I am curious about your movie.

ZeldaCP responds:

I'm not good with a stylus on bamboo board sorry , but if the cheesiness gets to you then ok ^-^

I was expecting something completely different.

It was alright, but a little short. It kind of caught me off guard.

ZeldaCP responds:

I'm sorry It took me a day or so to make =( sorry if you where expecting something else