Reviews for "The Legend of Zelda CP"

its an 8

on;y for the fact its a preview...smooth animation(from whats shown) good artwork and maybe some touching up on wuality

ZeldaCP responds:

Oh thank you ^0^ it was my first time animateing , but Tori showed me how to work through it ^-^ so it smooth i'm happy ^0^

Hmm... Zelda.

Looks like it'll be good.
There are some (probably) obvious quirks to work out.
The fast pan to the stars, Link and the hill moving out of sync, and others things like that.
It looks like it'll be an OK video when it's done.
predicting a 7/10 when it's done.

Prove me wrong and score higher!
Good luck, I'll be waiting.

ZeldaCP responds:

Sorry something went wrong with the hill , so we settled , but thank you i'll try my hardest to exceed you expectations !