Reviews for "Pleasure Island 3"


look, The voice acting is decent and a bit funny here and there at small times, and the art is pretty well done, but I exspect something entertaining to keep me entertained, this just couldn't do it out of any of the 3 episodes, Im sorry I dont know if its just too random, or how theres no introduction to anything or barley any thing that really continues from one episode to the other, not satisfieing most of the video, 3/10


I never thought they'll ACTUALLY make out..
How did this get 1st place?

Just because the animation was nice?
Because if that's the reason...then...wow.
What has newgrounds become.


This isnt even funny. I mean sure the animation is great, but the story is just way too perverse and wrong. Seriously, if this was on any place other than newgrounds it be much more disturbing than it already is.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

it seems that the gentle patrons of youtube agree with you.


Well I'm a little freaked out as to why this is in the top 10 but nice animation anyway