Reviews for "Pleasure Island 3"

creepy but funny

i was half expecting the walrus to say "ima firin mah lazah!!!!"

Sexual-Lobster responds:

if it could talk i'm sure it would have.


I went into this video from the beginning thinking it was going to be a kind of gag movie-where it's so stupid that it's just hilarious. But, came out with a heap of metaphors that strike deep into social issues that are around today. I would elaborate, but Zero2562130 has already pointed out everything I'd like to highlight.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

glad you liked it!

love it

really awesome

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Oh Fernando...

He really has a thing for shims doesnt he?


I actually discovered this series after watching dance of the manwhore. Which makes more sense after watching this.
I love it- perverted, weird, hilarious, great animation and sounds, and the storyline is nice. The characters are unique and somehow likeable.
Like everyone else said, can't wait for number 4 (..or 5).

Sexual-Lobster responds:

ha ha yes i only realised myself after making dance of the manwhore that it provides a lot of much needed context for the pleasure islands.